PNM Refrigerator Recycling Program

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We'll recycle your old,
working fridge or freezer,
for free, and you'll get $50.

Schedule Your Pickup

Please enter the number - digits only - of the street address listed on your residential account (ex. an individual residing on 3021 Oak Street would enter 3021) and the account holder's last name as it appears on your PNM bill. For commercial accounts please enter the business name as it appears on your PNM bill.

Street Address Number:

Last Name:
(on your PNM Account)

How to Participate

  • $50 check per qualifying refrigerator and/or freezer.
  • You must be a PNM customer and own the appliance.
  • Refrigerators and freezers must be regular household size (10-30 cubic feet).
  • Appliance must be in working (cooling) order, empty and plugged in at the time of pickup.
  • Your appliance will be picked up at no charge from the address listed on your PNM billing account.
  • For commercial customers interested in recycling more than two units please call 1-877-838-1139 and an agent will assist you.
  • Two units max - any combination of refrigerators or freezers.
  • The check will be mailed to you within four weeks after pickup of your appliance.
For questions, call 1-877-838-1139.