To ensure the safety of our customers and contractors in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, no-contact pickups will allow our staff to collect and recycle your old appliance(s) while maintaining a safe social distance from you. During your no-contact appliance pickup, our team will be wearing personal protective equipment, including masks. Our team can remove your old appliance(s) from one of the designated outside locations, including garages, porches or outbuildings, while you remain inside your home. Your appliance isn't located in one of the designated outdoor pickup locations? We are now offering in-home appliance pickups. Our team will remove your old appliance(s) from the designated in-home locations, including basements, first and second floors, while ensuring no physical contact is made with you.

For a no-contact pickup, you must print the release form provided in this application and place it inside your refrigerator or freezer prior to pickup.

  • Get a $50 reward for recycling an old, working refrigerator or freezer.
  • Get an additional $25 reward if you also recycle an old, working room air conditioner or dehumidifier at the same time as your refrigerator or freezer.
  • You must be a BGE residential electric customer with a valid account number. Your appliance(s) will be picked up, at no charge, from the address listed on your billing account.
  • You must own the refrigerator, freezer, dehumidifier or room air conditioner.
  • Appliance(s) can be collected from inside or outside the home. Qualifying outside locations include garages, porches or outbuildings. 
  • The refrigerator and/or freezer must be 10 to 30 cubic feet.
  • The refrigerator, freezer and/or dehumidifier must be cleaned out.
  • The refrigerator or freezer must be defrosted and dry, drip pan drained and water lines disconnected.
  • Your appliance(s) must be in working condition. We are unable to accept any appliance(s) with mold or mildew damage.
  • If the unit is located outside for a no-contact pickup, ensure that the refrigerator or freezer is closed securely and cannot be opened by children.
  • There must be a clear and safe passage for appliance removal. We cannot remove railings or move furniture.
  • If the unit is inside for a no-contact pickup, elevator access is required for any refrigerators or freezers located above the second floor.
  • An adult age 18 or older must be present at the time of pickup.
  • Limit of three large units (refrigerators and/or freezers) and four small units (room air conditioners and/or dehumidifiers) per BGE residential household from 1/1/2021 through 12/31/2023.

For questions, call 866-898-1901

I'd like to:

(same day reschedules or cancellations must be completed via phone at 866-898-1901)

BGE account information

Please enter the account holder's last name as it appears on your bill.
Please enter the number - digits only - of the street address listed on your residential account (ex. an individual residing on 3021 Oak Street would enter 3021).
Please enter the 5-digit ZIP Code of the address listed on your residential account.

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